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Interest charged is £161.92, interest rate 161.9% pa (variable)

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You might be surprised to hear just how easy it is to apply for a short term or personal loan. Furthermore, you don’t even have to leave your chair to apply for it. Instead, you just simply fill out our very short form and if you are accepted by a lender you’ll get your loan by the next day.

Bad Credit Loans Guarantor

If you’re having difficulties getting approved, a second person who may cosign your contract may help you work the application out. Known as a guarantor loan, this option uses a person as a security against the debt. Rather than selling the borrower’s asset like with secured loans, the guarantor will settle the remaining loan if the borrower defaults.

It is useful in many ways; it is helpful primarily to borrowers who have poor credit ratings or have no credit history at all. As long as the guarantor has a high income and excellent credit score, the chances of getting granted are high. Nevertheless, like other bad credit loans, this debt carries high-interest rate and borrowers may struggle to repay for more than what they’ve borrowed.

Interest Rate For Bad Credit Guarantor Loans

The majority of bad credit loans are expensive, and bad credit guarantor loans are not an exemption. The interest rate, however, depends on the lender, the loan amount, and the repayment term. Its annual percentage rate (APR) may range from 14.2% up to 62%. As a borrower, you can reduce your monthly repayment by repaying the loan in the shortest possible time or by looking for the cheapest loan provider. Otherwise, you may improve your credit rating first so that you can have a more affordable loan option in the future.

Unlike payday loans, it has no cap. There are regulations against the overly expensive rates of payday loans to ensure that the loan is still affordable. Generally, it is not more than a hundred percent of the original amount required. However, guarantor loans don’t work the same way.

It has no cap on its interest rate; thus the borrower may end up repaying more than what you’ve asked. Nevertheless, both loan options are expensive and must be avoided unless it’s very important.

Bad Credit Loans With Guarantor For Bad Credit Borrowers

Like good credit loans, you need to meet certain criteria to be qualified. These criteria are basic and lacking one of will greatly affect your application.

To take out the loan successfully, you need to be at least 18 years old and above, with a UK residency, and a working bank account. The bank account will be used to receive money once approved and to make repayments. Having a source of income is also important and it may come from employment, benefits, or a pension.

Guarantor Loan Criteria For Guarantors

Technically, anyone who’s over 18 years of age can be a guarantor but to be successfully qualified, the borrower must be 21 years old and above. A credit check will be conducted and he must have an excellent credit remark. Being a homeowner is a plus, although there are also guarantor loans for non-homeowner available. Another criterion is a working bank account. Remember, the guarantor may settle the loan if the borrower missed a payment and he may do so through his bank account.

Who Can Be The Guarantors?

Guarantors can be anyone – a parent or another family member, a colleague, a friend, etc. As long as the cosigner possesses the basic criteria and he knows and trusts the borrower, he is qualified. His job may be invisible after signing up the contract unless the borrower fails to repay the loan. So, if the borrower is a good payer, there’s really nothing to worry about. However, the guarantor’s role should not be taken lightly. It’s a decision that should be thought about several times. If you’re the borrower, you must ask why the borrower needs the money. You may also demand evidence or a proof that he can sustain the loan. After all, you are responsible for repaying the loan if he decided to stop. It is also worth knowing their plans for repaying the loan as well as the expected date for fulfilling the loan.

What Is The Loan Term For Bad Credit Loans Direct Lender

Loan term refers to the period where the borrower will pay back the entire loan. As with guarantor loans, you may settle it between one to five years, depending on the loan agreement. The monthly rate may appear smaller since the total loan amount (principal rate, interest, and other charges) are divided according to the number of the term period. The shorter repayment term, the smaller the interest rate you will compensate.

Importance Of Bad Credit Guarantor Loans On The Borrower’s Credit Rating

Once approved, the loan is beneficial enough to cover the expenses of the borrower. It can be used for different reasons, such as home improvement, car repair or better yet, buying a car, financing an education, repaying utility bills, or consolidating debts. But aside from that, an approved bad credit guarantor loan can help improve a poor credit remark. As long as you can settle the loan on time, you are already fixing your mistakes, thus improving your rating. The same thing goes to those who are in the process of building a credit history.

What Happens To The Guarantor If He Fails To Repay The Loan Too?

As mentioned, the guarantor will shoulder the remaining loan amount if the borrower cannot repay the loan. This includes the fees and other charges. If the cosigner is unable to make the payments, he too will suffer from a bad credit rating. In addition, both of you will face legal charges.

Therefore, both the lender and the borrower must understand the consequences of their action. If you’re not capable of repaying the loan, it’s best to look for another financial alternative.

Early Repayment And Overpayments

Early repayments or repaying the loan earlier than expected sounds like a good idea. However, like other loans, it could be a subject for an early repayment fee. Therefore, avoid repaying the balance before the due date, unless its terms and conditions state otherwise. The same thing goes for overpayments – if its terms and conditions suggest that you will incur charges for overpayments, then settle the exact amount.

Bad Credit Loans No Guarantor

If you think guarantor loans will not work for you, you may start looking for other loan alternatives. Although it is limited, there are enough options for bad credit borrowers in the market, and here are as follows:

–    Credit Unions
This establishment works almost the same as banks and traditional lending facilities; however, rather than being privately owned, it is possessed and managed by its own members. Credit unions have a good reputation when it comes to lending because they are more considerate, supportive, and understanding. Instead of the profit alone, their service is intended mostly for their members’ interest.

–    Credit Cards
Aside from swiping it to pay for expenses such as the school tuition and groceries, a credit card can be used to acquire quick cash. However, its interest rate is extremely high as well, thus you should think of it as the last resort.

–    Payday Loan
Payday loans, as well as logbook loans, have a bad reputation; however, these loan options do not conduct a credit check. Borrowers do not need to worry about their credit history rather, they should be anxious about the interest rate to be charged. But despite the critics, the loan is useful when you have urgent expenses and you can’t wait for your next paycheck.

–    Peer-to-Peer Lending
Peer-to-peer is an online platform that allows investors and borrowers to meet. The rates they charge are smaller and the requirements are less complicated. If you’re interested, you can start by looking for a reputable P2P lending; apply and once approved, your risk category will be determined – this is where your interest rate will be based.

–    Talking To Your Bank
If you’ve been with the same bank for several years and you’ve established a good reputation, you may talk to them about acquiring a loan. Most financial providers offer better alternatives to their clients. These options are cheaper and more flexible and you’ll never know how beneficial they are unless you decided to talk to them.

Fixing Your Credit Rating

If you’re aiming for a less complicated and cheaper option, it’s still best to fix your credit remark. Having a good credit score allows you to bargain with the lender, acquire bigger loan amount, and pay for a lower interest rate. You may start improving your credit score by repaying all your remaining debts. Ask a debt consolidation loan provider for assistance. You may also get a free copy of your credit report. Study it and be sure that there are no inaccurate details are in it. If you found any discrepancies, report to your credit bureau immediately.

Having a good credit rating increases your chance of getting approved because the lender will see you as a low-risk to their business. You may even get quick approval if you’re applying for a mortgage loan or if you’re about to rent a house or apartment. In addition, you may acquire better car insurance rates if you’re planning to get a claim.

Getting Bad Credit Loans UK And Bad Credit Loans Instant

Most bad credit borrowers think getting loans is impossible – what more if they need it immediately? Luckily, there are many online lenders offering more considerate loan options and the best part is, they can have it in an instant. If you’re looking for quick cash and you have a poor credit rating, all you need to do is find a reliable online loan provider.

Once you found a lender, fill out the application form on their website. The form can be accomplished in as fast as 5 minutes and it will only ask basic personal and financial details, like your name, address, contact number, employment details, and bank account. These lenders barely conduct a credit check and if they do, they’ll only use it to determine the maximum amount you can borrow and the interest rate to be charged. These lenders are more flexible than the traditional loan providers, allowing you to acquire only the exact amount you need. Moreover, they understand the urgency of your demand by minimizing the time of the entire loan application process. Often, their decision is released within second and once approved, you can have the money transferred to your bank account electronically.

The online application is a better option especially if you have limited time. You can apply and get approved without leaving your post and all you need is a stable Internet connection and a working mobile device/laptop. A handful of paperwork is not necessary; some lenders may not even ask you to fax any document. You have an access to their products even after business hours and you can have your concerns answered anytime. Their customer service is available 24/7 so there’s no need to rush.

Online loans offer a convenient financial alternative not only to those who are suffering from CCJs, bankruptcy, late payments, arrears, and defaults. With this, there’s no need to get out of the house and talk to different lenders, thus allowing you to obtain quick cash discreetly. However, its convenience and accessibility come at an extra cost. There are no fees and hidden charges but you need to compensate for its high-interest rate. In addition, most online loan offers short-term loans. Meaning, the amount is too small to be used for long-term financial needs. Moreover, the amount should be settled in as fast as two weeks or within 30 days, depending on the lender’s terms and conditions. Nevertheless, the loan is easy to acquire and you can even use it on the same day you’ve applied. As for the amount – it may not be too big but it is sufficient enough to cover your daily expenses and help you survive until your next paycheck. At some point, the loan can even help you save money when used properly. For instance, instead of repaying penalty fees for late payments, you can use the money to settle your debts. As long as you can find a lender that offers a reasonable rate and you can settle the loan on time, there’s nothing much to worry about.