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You might be surprised to hear just how easy it is to apply for a short term or personal loan. Furthermore, you don’t even have to leave your chair to apply for it. Instead, you just simply fill out our very short form and if you are accepted by a lender you’ll get your loan by the next day.

How to find the Best loans in the UK

If you are considering taking out a loan to satisfy different financial needs, you want to make sure that the loan is the best deal available. The financial product should be suitable to your present circumstances and at the same time provide you with competitive rates and easy access. Fortunately, there are plenty of lenders who can help you attain the best loans in the UK that can help you enjoy the funding that you need for the best rates and terms. Below is a walkthrough on the best loans if you have bad credit, the best loans from direct lenders, and more.

Best loans for bad credit

If you have bad credit, it doesn’t instantly mean that you can’t obtain a loan. It simply means that you will just need to know where to look and what to look for. When it comes to the best loans for bad credit, you want to opt with a lender who will not only consider you application regardless of your credit rating, but also one who provides transparent rates and fees and flexible terms as well.

Features of the best loans for bad credit

Interest rates are important factors to consider when you’re looking for the best loans with but credit since they decide the overall cost of your loan deal. However, there are other still other factors to consider and here some of the things that you can focus your search on when choosing the best loans for bad credit:

  1. Bigger loan amounts – Its common for some lenders to put a limit for bad credit at low amounts such as £1,000. The best loans for bad credit however, will allow you to access larger loans when you need them as long as your income is enough to afford its repayments.
  2. Competitive APRs – Sadly, it would be extremely difficult to obtain a low interest rate if you have a bad credit score unless you offer some form of guarantor or security (which we will tackle soon). However, keep in mind that there are exorbitant APR’s in the loan industry especially if you have an adverse credit rating. The best loans with bad credit will still keep their interest rates competitive relative to your credit score.
  3. Flexible terms – You may prefer paying off your loan in advance to save on interest rate payments or you may need a longer term to keep your payments low and suitable to your monthly budget. The best loans for bad credit will provide you with a flexible payment term that is ideal to your needs and present circumstances.
  4. Transparent – Lenders providing bad credit loans know that borrowers have all the right to know about the type of credit agreement that they will potentially be entering in and should be informed about its APRs, loan amounts, terms, and fees before they make an application. All these vital information should be provided on easy-to-find pages on their websites.
  5. Safe and secured – The loans should be safe and secured for use. If they are offered online, every information that the borrower shares in his application should be processed on a secured server to avoid illegal access and tampering.

Finding the Best Loan if you have bad credit

When you’re in the market for the best loans for bad credit, make sure that you check out an array of choices first before you apply. Focus your search on lenders who understand that your credit score is just one part of a bigger picture. Also, you must know the kind of loan that you need and those that you need to avoid as well. You must weigh your options carefully and find the best bad credit loans that are suitable to your unique situation.  The best place to start would be online where you can easily compare different lenders who provide the financial products.

The best loans with a guarantor

Often times when you have bad credit, lenders will require you to offer a guarantor who will co-sign your loan deal. The guarantor will serve as a second option in ensuring that the payments will be met since if you decide to default from your loan, the guarantor will be the one to take over the payment duties. With such security in place, it makes it easier for lenders to grant the best rates for larger amounts and flexible payment terms that you normally would not be able to enjoy alone and if you have bad credit.

Finding the best loans with a guarantor

However, when it comes to the best loans with a guarantor, there are things that you need to consider other than just interest. But with plenty of things to take into account such as eligibility criteria, repayment options and the lender’s reputation and track record, it can become quite overwhelming. With that being said, the first step in finding the best guarantor loans is determining what matters which could include:

  • Turnaround time or how quickly your application will be completed and the money transferred to your account.
  • The APR which includes the interest rates and different fees included in your loan deal
  • If there are any documentations involved
  • The flexibility of the guarantor criteria

Best loans with a guarantor for speed

How fast your loan will be deposited into your or your guarantor’s bank account can vary from lender to lender and on numerous factors as well including the number of automation that the lender is implementing. For instance, there are lenders who will permit you to conduct an online income and expenditure while there are those who will accomplish this via phone.

In another case, the lender may conduct an automated check on your income, which could pass or fail. The lender will then request for a copy of your payslip or bank statement as an alternative proof of your income. In this particular situation, your application can be delayed if you are unable to provide a payslip at hand or have been falsifying your income. It would also depend on  how occupied the lender is at the moment of your application and how quickly they can get back to you.

With these factors in mind, the best loans with a guarantor are those that provide the quickest turnaround time from catering your application, approving it, and transferring the loan funds to your account. This often requires the use of advanced technology to hasten the verification process and eliminate tedious steps like paperwork and documentation. Normally, you will see your money deposited into your account after 48 hours and sometimes even in the samey day you made your application.

The best interest rates for guarantor loans

Interest rates on loans can range from a low 20% to a whopping 99.9% depending o the lender on the type of financial product. The best loans with a guarantor fall in the middle range from 30%-50%. The interest rate that you can access will be based on a number of factors including:

  • Your current credit history
  • Your income level
  • Your guarantor’s credit history
  • Your guarantor’s income level
  • The amount that you are borrowing

Normally, to get the best rates for a guarantor loan, you and your guarantor will need to be a homeowner.

Best loans with no guarantor

Now, if it’s simply difficult for you and your guarantor to qualify for a guarantor loan or if you feel that it’s not the right option for you, there are other loan alternatives that you can look into. The best no guarantor loans that you can consider in the UK today include:

  1. Personal loans. Personal loans or unsecured loans are accessible through brick-and-mortar banks, credit unions, and from online lenders in the UK. The amount of loan that you can take out from a personal loan lender will depend entirely on your credit rating. If you want to take out the loan locally, credit unions are solid choices since they could be more flexible with their lending criteria than bigger banks – especially if you’re a long-time customer. You can also explore online lenders if you want to further increase your choices. There are even lenders online that can provide cheaper rates and more flexible terms than credit unions.
  2. Secured Loans. If your credit rating is not enough to become eligible for a personal loan, secured loans are options that you can consider. The loans are easier to qualify and you will receive better terms and higher amounts at a lower APRs than most other loans including personal loans. However, you need to ensure that you can repay your loan on the agreed terms and conditions as you could lose whatever collateral you have agreed to offer – normally, your home, car, or savings account.
  3. Payday loans. Payday loans are one of the most popular financial products for people with bad credit and are in need of reliable funding right away. The loans are commonly offered in small amounts from £100 to £1,000 with short-repayment periods of just two weeks or a month and often in your next payday. The loans are very easy to qualify as long as you can provide proof of your income.
  4. Logbook loans. Logbook loans are viable options if you have a vehicle that you can comfortably offer as collateral. The loans are very easy to access and can be used for any legitimate purpose. The amount of logbook loan you can take out will vary, but normally you can avail for amounts that equal to 50% of your vehicle’s value. You won’t need to pass a credit check to get a logbook loan in the UK.

Be sure to check the lender’s eligibility requirements first before you apply for any of the best guarantor loans with no guarantor mentioned above. Once you have verified that you meet the basic requirements, shop around to find the best deals from reputable lenders online.

Best loans in the UK and Best Loans with instant funding

So what are the best loans in the UK and best loans with instant funding anyway? How are they different from traditional loans offered by banks and other mainstream lenders? Simply put, the loans are the perfect way to deal with an emergency situation as they provide several unique advantages that you won’t find in traditional bank loans such as:

  • Quick turnaround time. Accomplishing your application and getting approved can take just several minutes of your time. And after you application becomes approved by your lender, you can have your money deposited into your bank account in the same day you applied online.
  • Convenient loan options. The financial products are one of the most convenient forms of loans in the UK. The process in taking them out is pretty straightforward and often completed in an online platform that is available 24/7 no matter where you are in the UK.
  • Easily accessible. The requirements needed to take out the financial products are minimal. They can cater single mothers, unemployed people, and even those that are living under benefits.
  • Multipurpose loans. These loans are also multipurpose loans which means you can use the money for any purpose you see fit as long as it is not against the law whether it involves paying off an unforeseen bill, consolidating debts, purchasing a particular item or taking a short vacation with family or friends.

The best Instant Cash Loans Online

If you search for the best loans in the UK and the best loans that provide instant funding online, you will find that your options are in abundance. This also means that you can gain access to quick and reliable funding wherever you are in the UK at virtually any time of the day. Depending on your needs and present circumstances, you can take out the best loans for bad credit, best loans with a guarantor and more as long as you meet the lending criteria.

The Best loans from Direct Lenders

There are plenty of reputable direct lenders that provide different loans in the UK today and you can easily find one in the internet. When comparing the best loans from direct lenders, keep in mind these important features:

  1. The amount you can take out. The best loan from direct lenders can provide you with the amount that you need based on your affordability. Normally however, the biggest amounts and cheapest rates come from secured forms of loans where a collateral is needed. Before you take out a loan, be sure to ask the lender what the maximum amount is and determine whether or not it’s something that you can genuinely afford.
  2. Repayments – Payday loans are normally paid in a single lump sum while most of the other loans require fixed monthly payments. Be sure to check out what the direct lender’s payment term is for every loan product that you wish to avail.
  3. Processing time – The loans will have varying processing times. There are those that can grant you the money that you requested for in the same day while there are those that require a few days. If you are in an emergency situation though, you can normally rely on the financial products to provide you with the kind of instant funding that you are looking for.
  4. Numerous options – The loans can cater different borrowers whether they have bad credit or good credit or no credit history at all. Normally though, if you have a regular source of income and meet basic eligibility criteria, your chances of getting approved are good.
  5. FCA licensed – The FCA or Financial Conduct Authority is the legal governing body in the UK loan industry. This means that if a lender is licensed by the FCA, its completely legit and allowed to provide credit products to UK citizens. Before you make an application, make sure that you have verified that the lender is licensed by the FCA. There are plenty of loans sharks and other fraudulent lenders online that are not licensed by the FCA and it would be best to avoid them at all costs if you want to protect your own personal interests.

Finding the Best loans from direct lenders

When finding the best loans from direct lender, the internet is your best friend. If you manage to find a potential direct lender or list of lenders, try and evaluate how flexible their offers are and get a good idea on how they treat their customers. Opt with a direct lender that strives hard to provide their customers with a sense of comfort and confidence about their loan deal. Try talking to a customer service representative over the phone or read some testimonials from actual customers themselves. This way, you will know if whether the company you are going to apply with is responsive to their customer’s concerns and queries.