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You might be surprised to hear just how easy it is to apply for a short term or personal loan. Furthermore, you don’t even have to leave your chair to apply for it. Instead, you just simply fill out our very short form and if you are accepted by a lender you’ll get your loan by the next day.

Can I get a loan with a CCJ in the UK?

Can I get a loan with a CCJ? If you have a CCJ in your credit file then it means that you had credit problems in the past. While this can be a discouraging sign, it doesn’t automatically rule you out of getting a loan in the UK altogether. The older the CCJ, the least lenders will take it into account and the bigger the CCJ amount the riskier you will be considered. Now if you have a CCJ, here are some of the things that you can consider to get the funding that you need.

Obtaining a loan with a CCJ

Can I get a loan with a CCJ without putting any form of security in my loan deal? The answer is yes. There are loans with CCJ’s that you can take out against your name but expect higher interest rates and lower amounts of borrowing in your deal. If you opt with secured loans for people with CCJ’s, you may enjoy lesser interest rates and better amounts overall. You will need to consider though that:

  • Secured loans may be tied to your home. This makes your loan deal less risky to the lender because, in the event of a default, the lender can simply take possession of your home and sell it to recoup the money that you owe them.
  • There is a real risk that you will lose your home in the loan deal. You need to consider this possibility seriously before applying for a secured loan.

You might also want to check the legal records and check what the CCJ report tells you. Make sure that it says satisfied if you have already paid off your CCJ.

Obtaining a credit card with a CCJ

You can also rely on credit cards with CCJ’s if you want to secure funding to cover different needs. There are lenders who utilize risk-based pricing with credit cards which means the interest rate you have will depend on the risk associated with your application. The things that you need to consider are:

  • You can get a credit card with a CCJ but the interest rates might be higher. Expect rates to hover around 40% with lesser credit limits.
  • Taking out a credit card with a CCJ will allow you to establish a positive reputation as someone who can handle credit reasonably. If you manage to stick to the terms and conditions of the deal, you will show lenders that you can borrow credit responsibly and this will allow you to take out credit cards with normal interest rates in the future.
  • There may be penalties for late payments depending on your lender and this is something that you may want to look into your credit card deal.

Finally, never take out a loan that you cannot afford. If you had credit problems in the past, then you can end up with the same situation if you take out a loan unwisely. Also, loans with CCJ’s tend to be secured which means there is a real risk of losing a valuable asset like your home if you fail to stick to the agreed terms and conditions of your loan deal.