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Representative 305.9% APR. Representative Example: Loan Amount - £400 | Borrowed for 90 days.
Total amount repayable is £561.92 in 3 monthly installments of £187.31.
Interest charged is £161.92, interest rate 161.9% pa (variable)

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You might be surprised to hear just how easy it is to apply for a short term or personal loan. Furthermore, you don’t even have to leave your chair to apply for it. Instead, you just simply fill out our very short form and if you are accepted by a lender you’ll get your loan by the next day.

Door to door Loans no Credit Check

There are moments in life when the money left in your pocket is simply not enough to pay off the bills and other important necessities. This can include being faced with unexpected expenditures and being powerless to deal with them. In this instances, taking out a very accessible loan like a door to door loans no credit check can be a lifesaver.

What is door to door loans no credit Check?

The loans are widely known as the most accessible means for people with poor credit to enjoy quick funding in the UK. Because unlike other kinds of loans, doorstep loans do not require any form of collateral to secure them. There is no need to put your home or vehicle at risk in the event that it would be hard to keep up with your repayments. And because there is no credit check involved, you can take out the loan even if you have an adverse credit rating. Whether you have a bad credit or poor credit history, you can still get approved for the loan.

Because of these features, door to door loans is one of the best options for people with various credit statuses. The amount you can take out can range from £100 upwards, depending on your income and the lender providing it. The loan is also considered as one of the quickest ways to obtain cash in the event that you are struggling with financial difficulties.

How does it work?

Doorstep loans are arranged at your home. When you make an application online or via phone, the lender will contact you to arrange one of their local agents to visit your home and hammer the details of your loan. The agent will discuss the loan terms and conditions with you and will entertain any questions and concerns that you may have. Once everything has been sorted out, you simply sign the loan contract and the money will be handed to you right at the very moment. The same agent will return to your home every week or on a fortnightly basis to collect the small repayments for the loan. This convenience on the part of the borrower makes the loan one of the best options to quickly solve any short term financial issues. Besides, there is no other loan option that will have your cash delivered right to your front door.

Boost Your Credit Record

Many lenders are quite picky when choosing the kind of borrowers that they want to provide their loan services to. This can be especially difficult for borrowers who have poor credit histories as getting accepted from these lenders is almost impossible. Fortunately, doorstep loan lenders are more lenient when it comes to providing short-term lending to borrowers and they can cater any credit rating no matter how bad it is. If you have a bad credit history, this can be an opportunity for you to put your credit rating back to favourable levels. Once you have successfully paid off your loan, this will leave a positive score on your credit report and will open up more loan opportunities and choices for you in the future.