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Representative 305.9% APR. Representative Example: Loan Amount - £400 | Borrowed for 90 days.
Total amount repayable is £561.92 in 3 monthly installments of £187.31.
Interest charged is £161.92, interest rate 161.9% pa (variable)

Guaranteed loans for bad credit in the UK

When you find yourself in desperate need of cash to cover urgent expenses, guaranteed loans could be the solution you are looking for. After all, when you are faced with an emergency situation, you want a loan that will give you the best chances of getting approved. Most importantly, you don’t want to apply for a loan that will let you complete tons of paperwork and documentation only to leave you rejected because of unsatisfactory credit rating. When your car or roof needs to get fixed right away, you need a kind of financing that is both accessible and guarantees approval and these are exactly what you will enjoy when you apply for a guaranteed loan in the UK.1.) Guaranteed loans in the UK and Guaranteed loans with instant fundingGuaranteed loans that provide instant funding are now easy to obtain with an assortment of options available online from numerous reputable lenders. There are also plenty of advantages that you can enjoy with the unique financial products such as:
  1. Easy access to instant cash. The primary benefit of the loans is that its quick and easy to avail. Normally, lenders providing the financial products will only request your personal, employment, and bank details. And because they are offered online, you will only need to fill out an application form in the lender’s website and submit it once your done with a single press of a key. If you enjoy a solid source of income, you can get an approval in the same day and have your money deposited into your bank account.
  2. A solid option for people with bad credit. Even if your financial situation is favourable, it would still be extremely challenging for you to secure a loan if you have bad credit from traditional loans. Guaranteed loans with instant approval can be an alternative to bank loans and other traditional forms of financing. A the very least, you can access emergency cash when you need to.
  3. Convenient to secure. You can complete a loan transaction right at the very comfort and sanctuary of your home. This basically relieves you from falling in lines and feeling a little embarrassed when passersby see you. With online guaranteed loans, no one will know that you took out a loan except for you and your lender.
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Guaranteed instant loans without credit check

Guaranteed loans are especially designed for borrowers who have poor credit scores and find it hard to secure reliable funding from traditional lenders like banks and credit unions. There are even guaranteed loan lenders who provide no credit check policies in evaluating an applicant’s eligibility. Because of this, the approval process is not based purely on credit history but on your present situation,  the income coming into your house on a regular basis, and consequently your ability to repay the loan in the agreed terms and conditions.The only drawback in taking out a guaranteed loan with instant approval and with no credit checks however, is the relatively expensive interest rates and/or fees that normally come with the financial products. The hefty price tag is what lenders use to minimize the risk in a default. For this reason, it would be best to rely on the credit products only if you are faced with an emergency situation.2.) Guaranteed Loans for Bad CreditSimply put, bad credit pertains to your own personal record of missed repayments on debts on the agreed time or defaulting from them entirely. It encompasses a wide assortment of payments include credit card payments, home improvement loans, unsecured loans, overdrafts and any other form of credit obtained from FCA registered lenders. Majority of banks and mainstream financing institutions consider poor credit history or score quite seriously and will typically shy away in lending to borrowers who have negative standings.

Bad Credit Loans Guaranteed Approval

If you are someone who has bad credit, you might be excited to hear that you can still avail for guaranteed loans whether they are unsecured or secured forms of credit in the UK if you rely on specialist online lenders. These lenders understand that sometimes there are instances in life that can force a person to miss out on his/her payment duties which results to a tarnished credit score. They also understand that this does not automatically mean that the person is irresponsible or is incapable of managing a debt. Sometimes, emergency situations just happen and it forces people to abandon their payment duties against their will.Since bad credit loans with guaranteed approval can help you enjoy the financing that you are looking for, it will not only allow you to deal with different kinds of emergency situations but also give you the opportunity to rebuild you credit score back to favourable standings by making the proper repayments on time.Guaranteed short term loansMost guaranteed loans for bad credit are short term forms of financial product since they are designed to help borrowers who are caught up in emergency situations. This also means that the lender will not request a long list of requirements and documents in your application but will only be interested in your ability to repay the money that you intend to borrow. If the lender sees that your income is enough the cover the agreed payments, an approval decision is almost instant – only in a matter of minutes – and money transfers very quick – you will have your money deposited to your checking account in the following day.Guaranteed Loan ApprovalShort-term guaranteed loans like payday loans are the easiest forms of credit to obtain. Depending on the lender and your eligibility, you can take out a quick loan anywhere from £100 to as much as £2,000. The application process is also quick and seamless. Simply fill out an application form online or in-store and submit it once your finish. A decision will then be given to you without delay so you won’t have to wait long on knowing whether you are approved or not.With a reputable lender online, the process is made easier. You can complete the whole process of taking out a short term guaranteed loan without any kind of paperwork involved whatsoever. This means that there is no need for you to print, scan, or fax any document in your application. It’s simply a fast and straightforward transaction that you can accomplish even with your smart phone.Guaranteed ConvenienceWith short term loans like payday loans, you can always expect optimum convenience in your experience. There are also doorstep loans that you can look into if you want to enjoy a kind of convenience like no other. The loans are small cash loans that are delivered right at you very doorsteps in the same day you made your application through a friendly local agent representing your lender. You can take out a doorstep loan anywhere from £100 to £1000 and make fixed weekly payments for a month or longer depending on your lender and your loan deal. And if there are any concerns and questions about your loan that you want to be addressed, the local agent will gladly cater them all for you.

3.) Guaranteed loans with a guarantor

If you have bad credit, you can also obtain a guaranteed loan through guarantor loans. The financial products allow you to obtain an unsecured loan from £100 to £15,000 even if you have a poor credit history. If you manage to find an acceptable guarantor, then there is much less emphasis on your credit score in getting approved.Guarantor loan featuresGuaranteed loans with a guarantor are extremely popular in the UK because they allow you to borrow large amounts of loan with a close friend or family member guaranteeing your loan repayments. If you have bad credit, you will fill find that the financial products is much affordable and flexible than some of the bad credit loan options available. In summary, the loans are:
  • Allows you to borrow £100 to £15,000
  • Poor Credit rating and non-existent credit histories are welcometo apply
  • You can enjoy multiple loan options
  • Your credit score has minimal impact in getting approved
  • Can be paid w