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3 payments of £504.72

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£515 = Total repayments of £1515

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Guarantor Bad Credit Loans

Guarantor Loans – If you have a bad credit score and you need a loan, then one of the best options is to use a guarantor. A guarantor is someone who will agree to act as a ‘back-up’ for the lender so that if you are unable to make your repayments, the expense will default to them and they’ll pay for you. That means that the lender doesn’t need to worry so much about you being potentially unable to afford your loans but they may run a credit check on you to confirm you are not currently bankrupt or on an IVA. Anyone can be a guarantor as long as they are not financially linked to you e.g. a friend or family member but not a spouse. They will need to be trustworthy and have a strong credit score with a history of always paying their bills on time. Off course, they will need to be able to afford the payments if you cannot. In order to act as a guarantor though, your contact will need to have a good credit score themselves and be aware that if you default on your repayments they will need to step in and fund the repayments.

Secured Loans – Guarantor Needed

If you don’t want to use a friend or relative as your assurance, then you can use other forms of guarantee to get the money you need. The most popular options are to use your property as collateral. In this case, you agree with the lenders that if you should default on your loan, they will have the option to seize your home and use its value to offset the amount you owe.
This option once again means that there’s no ‘worst outcome’ for the lender and they can, therefore, offer loans to people with bad credit – without increasing the APR.

But it’s also a frightening prospect as it means you could lose your home. And if you’re not a homeowner, then this option won’t be available to you.

Another option then is to use a vehicle instead of a property. This might mean using a ‘logbook loan’, which means you transfer ownership of your car over to the bank or lender as soon as you take out the loan and only get it back once you’ve finished paying. You can even go to a pawnbroker and do something similar with your silverware, or an item of jewellery! Loanload introduces loan applications to the panel of lenders who currently do not have lenders who can offer secured loans and logbook loans, this section is informational only and serves to provide information on alternative borrowing.

Bad Credit Payday Loans

Bad credit payday loans is a term searched on google over 9000 times in July meaning that customers are looking for payday loans for bad credit. Unfortunately, if you have bad credit there is a strong chance you will not be considered for a loan as your credit score is part of the lender’s eligibility scoring process. However, there are lenders out there that cater for people with less than perfect credit scores and history, and some of those lenders are on the lending panel. Payday loans are loans designed specifically to be paid back in a few weeks or months and often involve much smaller amounts. If you just need a little cash to help you last until your next payday, then this is a great option. If you need a little more and want to repay over a longer term, check out short term instalment loans!

Debt Consolidation No Guarantor Bad Credit Loans

If you are living with debt – as many people are – you may be looking for a way to pay off your bills and get back on track financially. Debt consolidation no guarantor bad credit loans are one way to get out of debt, but you may be thinking where to look if you’ve been turned down by your bank. How are you going to manage this without the use of a guarantor to make up for your poor credit score? Before you go down the wrong road, take the time to know that there are choices for you, regardless of your credit background and financial condition. At the same time, the more you understand the differences between the many debt relief benefits, the more likely you are to make an intelligent decision and get on the road to financial independence.

Banks and Finance Lenders

Many people hoping for debt consolidation no guarantor bad credit loans contact their bank or credit union first. And while it makes sense to do business with a company that you previously know and believe in, you may be frustrated if you get turned down for a loan. Banks offer a variety of conventional loans and other products, but they generally don’t cater to debt consolidation no guarantor bad credit loans.

Banks often use a risk-based pricing model, meaning the greater the risk they think you are in terms of repaying the loan, the higher the interest rate they will charge you. So, even if you get accepted for a loan, you could end up paying more in interest and fees than somebody with greater credit.

So whether you are accepted for a loan at a large interest rate, or you get turned down because of your credit, keep in mind there are other options for debt consolidation no guarantor bad credit loans, however, they may involve a guarantor.

Payday Lenders

So what precisely is a payday loan? It is typically a short-term loan or finance meant to tide you over until your next pay day. And what isn’t it? It’s not a way to get out of debt, stay debt-free, or develop strong money management skills to last forever. If you are looking for debt consolidation loans, you would be smart to look elsewhere.It may appear tempting however this type of lending is not the best for consolidation for individuals who need cash right away. Often these consumers feel they have no other alternative, as either they’ve been turned down by the bank or their credit union, or they do not have time to wait days for an approval. If you are looking for debt consolidation loans with bad credit it might be that a guarantor loan is the best option for you.There are some websites out there that tell you they offer payday loans with no credit check however this will not be the case. All lenders will do a credit check whilst they review your application form as part of their credit application reviews.

Debt Consolidation Lenders

Debt consolidation loans are basically just personal loans, the only difference is their intended purpose. For a debt consolidation loan to be effective, the borrower would need to find a loan where he or she are paying less in contractual payments than they would collectively, for all the loans or credit cards they are trying to consolidate. Opting for a debt consolidation loan means that you are entering into a contract for the lender to lend you the funds for you to fully pay off your remaining debts or outstanding credit. You will then have one loan – meaning just one monthly payment – owing to the lender, which you will pay back over a period of time. The interest rate you pay is based on your credit standing and capacity to pay back the loan.If you decide to take out a debt consolidation loan, make sure you are aware of how it works, how much you will pay every month, your interest rate and any fees, such as early redemption fees if you intent to pay the loan back early.

Consumer Conselling Agencies

Non-profit consumer credit counselling agencies offer advice and help to those that are struggling with debts or struggling to make payments to all their outstanding credit agreements. They might be able to assist you to negotiate better interest rates with your current creditors or find another way to pay off your accounts. And they may sound like the best option available – work with a nonprofit agency that’s seeking out for your best interests, right? Many individuals take for granted a consumer counselling company is the best choice, simply because the words “not-for-profit” imply an agency is helping consumers out of the goodness of its heart. But the only variation between a for-profit and non-profit debt relief company is that the non-profit does not pay taxes on the money made. This means that they may still charge fees for their services. It’s up to you to do your research to find a company that has a great record of success getting people out of debt the right way. When doing your homework, don’t let the non-profit status of a consumer credit counselling agency fool you into believing it’s the one and only or best alternative to other debt relief solutions. Whether free help or advice is going to be better for your situation than a debt consolidation loan, it’s hard to say, as everyone’s situation and circumstances are different. If you are struggling with contractual payments and already have debts that you cannot manage, then taking out a loan may not help you situation. If this describes your circumstances then contact your local Citizens Advice Bureau or check the Money Advice Service website for further advice and information